Kate Bush

The 1976 demos

Track 01. The Kick Inside aka Brother 3:31 (5.9MB)
Track 02. Hammer Horror 2:39 (4.5MB)
Track 03. It Hurts Me aka Feeling Like a Waltz aka A Rose Growing Old 2:45 (4.6MB)
Track 04. Stranded At The Moonbase aka The Air Is Getting Low aka Keep Me Waiting 2:42 (4.5MB)
Track 05. Kashka from Baghdad 2:29 (4.2MB)
Track 06. Surrender Into The Roses aka Coming Up aka Carmilla 1:29 (2.5MB)
Track 07. Oh To Be In Love 2:58 (5.0MB)
Track 08. Rinfy The Gypsy aka Playing Canasta in Cold Rooms 3:50 (6.4MB)
Track 09. On Fire Inside A Snowball aka Snow aka Hot in the Ice 2:17 (3.8MB)
Track 10. Dali aka Ferry Me Over 2:56 (4.9MB)
Track 11. Where Are The Lionhearts aka On The Rocks 2:14 (3.8MB)
Track 12. Violin 2:04 (3.5MB)
Track 13. The Craft Of Love aka Craft Of Life 2:48 (4.7MB)
Track 14. The Gay Farewell aka Eddie the Queen 2:19 (3.9MB)
Track 15. Something Like A Song aka In My Garden 2:02 (3.4MB)
Track 16. Frightened Eyes 3:10 (5.3MB)
Track 17. The Disbelieving Angel 1:59 (3.3MB)
Track 18. Nevertheless You�ll Do 1:51 (3.1MB)
Track 19. Come Closer To Me Babe aka Who Is Sylvia aka Goodnight Baby 3:32 (5.9MB)
Track 20. So Soft aka You�re Soft 2:36 (4.4MB)
Track 21. The Rare Flower aka Pick The Rare Flower aka I Don�t See Why I Shouldn�t 2:50 (4.8MB)
Track 22. While Davy Dozed aka Davy aka Hold Me 2:49 (4.7MB)
The 1980 demos
Track 23. Babooshka #1 (piano & vocal overdubs) 1:58 (3.3MB)
Track 24. Babooshka #2 (rhythmbox & vocal + musical overdubs) 1:59 (3.3MB)
The 1977 �Kick Inside� band demos
Track 25. Don�t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake 2:52 (4.8MB)
Track 26. Kite 2:45 (4.6MB)
Track 27. L�Amour Looks Something Like You 2:12 (3.7MB)
Track 28. Strange Phenomena 2:41 (4.5MB)
Track 29. Scares Me Silly (But It Gets Me Going) (unreleased song) 3:13 (5.4MB)
76 mins

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