Well, I'm finally getting around to digitizing my 700+ cassettes (at my wife's insistence--she wants them out of the house), so I'm going to start posting some goodies here. I taped many a show in the Toronto area from the late '80's to the late '90's, and also recorded a lot of radio broadcasts, mostly from CFNY, 102.1 in Toronto. Hope you stumble across something you like, or even a show you were at!

addendum: I have had many comments about the fate of my tapes, so for those worried about them...the masters I am boxing up and storing in my parents' basement. The others (mixed tapes, recorded LP's, etc) are getting tossed. My wife is not evil or insensitive--we live in a small place, and the many boxes were getting in the way. This is something I'VE wanted to do for awhile, as well. She just gave me the push. Oh, and she doesn't have shelves of makeup, or hundreds of shoes, no matter what stereotypes you care to buy in to. Her comic collection, however....

Kate Bush--"Personal Calls" BBC Radio 1 interview, Feb. 27, 1979

Well, the last Kate interview I posted did better than I thought it would, so here's a couple more, going back to the early days. This one is a phone-in show, with a topic of Strange Phenomena, so it gets a bit interesting in places. A bonus is about a minute of an unreleased demo that Kate brought along to play!

Lineage: unknown gen of FM broadcast from tape trade>M audio sound card>wav>flac Editing and removing of songs with CDwav.

Track Listing:
01. intro
02. interview
03. Maybe (excerpt from demo)
04. interview
05. interview
06. interview
07. interview
08. interview
09. interview
10. interview