Kate Gaffney Band
July 20, 2007 (FRI)

Blueberry Festival
Burnside Plantation
Blue Cadillac Stage
Bethlehem, PA

Andrew Lipke on bass, Adam Davis on guitar, David Rainey on drums

AKG C414B-XLS Blumlein FOB > Neve Portico +silk > SD722 (24/96)
(center ~25ft from stage)
post processing with Samplitude SE8
recorded and processed by michael miller

01 Introduction
02 She Knows
03 Fallen For the Road (reggae version)
04 Tired Wired
05 Ballad of Sleepy John
06 I Know You Rider
07 I know You Rider reprise >
08 Philadelphia Lawyer
09 Women Be Wise
10 Falls Bridge >
11 Folsom Prison Blues
12 Why I Love You
13 Before I Go
14 My Kind Of Man (?)
15 The Coachman