Kate Gaffney
January 18th, 2008
Marilyn's On K
Sacramento, California, USA
Opening for Maria Muldaur

Kate>Sony MS907(90 degrees)>Zoom H2>Cool Edit>Flac

Recorded by mike_markov@yahoo.com directly in front of the right stack

I tried my new zoom recorder with an older sony mic and was very happy with the results. I also used
my mini disc with the core directionals but that had some weird interference in the beginning and
I stopped comparing right there and went with this one. I was close enough to the stack
that it cut out the talking going on around me.

My 2nd time seeing Kate and I thought she did a wonderful job in spite of the audience. The average age of the
audience was about 70 so there weren't any hoots and hollers, just polite applause and a lot of talking about
medications and what walkers are the best. Seriously, there were people napping.

01. Lets Give It A Whirl
02. Why I Love You
03. Into The Mystic (happy birthday Kate's dad!)
04. Fallen For The Road
05. My Kind Of Man
06. Philadelphia Lawyer
07. Waves Of Today
08. The River
09. Ballad Of Sleepy John
10. Tired Wired