Kate Gaffney
August 13, 2008
The Blue Lamp
Sacramento, California, USA

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Recorded by Mike_Markov@Yahoo.Com

Kate Gaffney vocals, guitar
Tom Monson drums
Mikey Palmer bass
Jon Wood guitar

Another great show, I really like this lineup, not only are they all outstanding musicians
they're real nice guys and a good compliment for Kate.

About the only down spot might be this couple that was dancing and had a few too many. It was
only bad in the sense that they were dancing way too close to the recording equipment and the video
camera. They were having fun and hey, that's all that matters eh? Plus it was fun seeing the "Elaine dance"
in person :>)

Jason, nice seeing you again

101. Intro
102. The Weatherman
103. 400 Meters
104. Waves Of Today
105. TiredWired
106. Falls Bridge
107. Ballad Of Sleepy John
108. Why I Love You
109. 11 Degrees
201. Fallen For The Road
202. Sidestreet Robbery
203. Before I Go
204. What Kind Of Man
205. Ode To Billy Joe
206. Mosaic
207. Give It A Whirl
208. Soulshine
209. Lone Wolf