Kate Gaffney
Sacramento, CA
Blue Lamp

Multitrack off board + KM140 > RME Multiface > Laptop > Nuendo 3 @ 24bit 44.1khz

Recorded, taped, and produced by hoserama
With special guest taper dmonkey with the KM140s

01 Falls Bridge
02 Give It a Whirl
03 Fallen For the Road
04 Plea To Be
05 Why I Love You
06 Before I Go
07 Lone Wolf
08 Round of Christmas Cheer
09 11 Degrees
10 400 Meters
11 Ode to Billy Joe
12 Tired Wired
13 What Kind of Man
14 The Weatherman

1 KM140 Left
2 KM140 Right
3 Keys Vocals
4 Guitar Vocals
5 Kate Vocals
6 Kick
7 Organ
8 Keys
9 Bass
10 Acoustic Guitar
11 Mains

Good enjoyable show. Mixed in Nuendo, used some of the waves plug-ins. Many thanks go to Ed at Blue Lamp for his help with pulling off the board, and special thanks go to Jason for letting me patch off his R44 for the KM140s.

Sadly, the guitar was not mic'ed that night so most of the guitar sound is coming from the KM140s. Also, only the kick drum was mic'ed so can't do all the fun drum panning I love to do. But still sounds good in my book.

There was a first set with just Kate acoustic, but I had some minor glitches with my setup during that so I think I'll let Jason toss his version up (which should be glitch free).

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