Kate Gaffney
August 01, 2009
Cozmic Cafe
Placerville, California USA


Core Cardioid>Zoom H2>Cool Edit>Flac

Recorded by Mike_Markov@Yahoo.Com

This is one very cool venue, I felt welcome the second I walked into the place.
There is rumor that there are ghosts in the place and though I'm not much of
a believer but when I was alone in the stage area a window did close by itself. It
was spooky to say the least. I can't wait to go back :>)

This was a trio show with Melissa on keys and Steve on guitar, the last 4 songs they were joined by
Rich Driver (opening act) on bass and his drummer (I apologize for not remembering
his name). They cooked along without a prior practice.

01. Fallen For The Road
02. Tired Wired
03. Marvelous Dream
04. Highways
05. 400 Meters
06. Down By The River
07. Give It A Whirl
08. 11 Degrees
09. Arizona Bay
10. The Drunken Philly Fan (talk)
11. She Knows
12. Philadelphia Lawyer
13. Before I Go
14. Plea To Be
15. Further On Down The Road
16. Falls Bridge
17. What Kind Of Man
18. Dead Flowers