Kate Gaffney & The Octave Below
Wildflower Cafe
Bethlehem, PA
November 22,2006

Recorded by Keith Litzenberger
Schoeps MK4V's>Schoeps VMS02IB>Edirol R-09

Set 1:

Kate Gaffney (w/Matt Gerhard)
Go To The Mountain
Fallen For The Road
You Ain't Going Nowhere

Set 1.5:
Kate Gaffney (w/Matt Gerhard, Peter Fritz & John Morgan Kimock)
She Knows
What About Bob
Why I Love You
13th Street
The River
Angel From Montgomery
The Waves Of Today
The Woman Woes

Set 2:

Tired Wired
Lone Wolf
Sidestreet Robbery
400 Meters
Before I Go
Plea To Be*
I Know You Rider*

*w/Angelo Miraglia

Set 3:

Paul Thiessen & Jessica Saddington

Light Of The Morn

*w/ Peter Fritz & John Morgan Kimock

Set 3.5:

The Octave Below Setlist:

Dear Drummer
Sunny's Song
Goob's Doob's
Second Ave
Anjo's Lullabye
Funky London
Kickin Up Dust