Kate Gaffney / Jackie Greene
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA
September 13, 2008

Schoeps MK41's>Schoeps KCY 250/05I active cable>Schoeps VST62ui>Grace Design Lunatec V3>Sound Devices 744t

SD744t>Soundforge 9 (Fades, Bit Rate/Sample Rate Conversion)>CDWAV>FLAC

Recorded By Keith Litzenberger & Nicky C, Transferred By Keith Litzenberger

Kate Gaffney:

Tired Wired
Fallen For The Road
Falls Bridge
Before I Go
11 Degrees
Give It A Whirl
My Word
What Kind Of Man
Ode To Billie Joe

Jackie Greene:

1st Set:

Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind
Nothing Comes From Nothing
Rusty Nail >
New Speedway
Honey I'm Thinking about You
The Lord Mistreats Me

2nd Set:

I Am An Animal >
Parchment Farm>
Workingman Blues>
Sing Me Back Home
The Ballad of Sleepy John (w/Kate Gaffney)
So Hard To Find My Way
Tell Me Mama
China Doll>
Don't Let Me Down
Another Love Gone Bad
I'm So Gone


Gone Wandering
Like A Ball and Chain

You will have to use overburn for the second set or stick the encores on Jackie's 1st set to get his show to fit on 2 discs.