Toronto ON -- Massey Hall
2012-06-15 -- 114:42

Recorded from FM. Sound is superb though not flawless. There were perhaps 24
anomalies present in the recording. I removed about half invisibly; the remainder
proved too difficult and remain; they are tiny. This is the entire broadcast but
not the complete performance.
Broadcast nationally in Canada on CBC Radio Two and Radio Three on June 29th (part
one) and 30th (part two. This recording is from the former. Big thank you to
acorn 99 for bringing the broadcasts to my attention. Here are the performers,
taken from Anna's post to the McGarrigles web site (www.mcgarrigles.com):
Rufus Wainwright
Martha Wainwright
Bruce Cockburn
Peggy Seeger
Calum MacColl
Emmmylou Harris
Krystle Warren
Ron Sexsmith
Teddy Thompson
Robert Charlebois
Chaim Tannenbaum
Ariel Engel
Andrew Wightman
Amy Millan
Kevin Drew
Jane Siberry
Mary Margaret O�Hara
Lily Lanken
Anna McGarrigle
Jane McGarrigle
Sylvan Lanken
Dane Lanken
Joel Zifkin
Brad Albetta
Thomas Bartlett
Michel Pepin
Michelle Joseph
Anna Catherine Dow
Michele Mercure

Disc one: (55:58)
01. -DJ intro-
02. Kiss and Say Goodbye [Rufus, Anna, Martha]
03. -talk (Rufus)-
04. Southern Boys [Rufus]
05. -talk (DJ)-
06. -talk (Rufus, JS)-
07. NaCl [Jane Siberry]
08. -talk (Martha)-
09. Come Back Baby [Broken Social Scene]
10. -DJ talk-
11. Saratoga Summer Song [Teddy Thompson]
12. -talk (DJ, Martha, EH)-
13. I Eat Dinner [Emmylou Harris, Martha]
14. -talk (Rufus, BC)
15. Come a Long Way [Bruce Cockburn]
16. -talk (DJ)
17. Entra la jeunesse et la sagesse [Anna, Rufus]
18. -talk (Anna, RS)
19. On My Way to Town [Ron Sexsmith]
20. -talk (DJ, Rufus, Anna, RC)-
21. [Robert Charlebois, Anna]
22. -talk [EH]-
23. Darling Kate [Emmylou Harris]
24. -talk (DJ, Anna)-
25. Proserpina [Anna, Martha, Rufus]
26. -DJ outro-

Disc two: (58:44)
01. -DJ intro-
02. Mother, Mother [Broken Social Scene]
03. -talk (DJ, Martha, Anna)-
04. Jacques et Gilles [Anna, Martha]
05. -talk (Martha)-
06. All the Way to San Francisco [Martha]
07. -talk (DJ, Rufus)-
08. I Cried for Us [Jane Siberry, Rufus]
09. -talk (DJ, Martha)-
10. I Am a Diamond [Martha]
11. -talk (DJ, Rufus)-
12. Oliver [Rufus]
13. -talk (PS)-
14. Tell My Sister [Peggy Seeger]
15. -talk (DJ, Martha)-
16. Go, Leave [Teddy Thompson]
17. -talk (DJ, EH)-
18. (Talk to Me of) Mendocino [Emmylou Harris]
19. -talk (DJ, Rufus)-
20. I Just Want It to Last [Mary Margaret O'Hara]
21. -talk (DJ)-
22. Travelling on for Jesus [Chaim Tannenbaum]
23. -talk (DJ)-
24. Fare Thee Well [ensemble]
25. -DJ outro, credits, band intro-
26. Love Over and Over [ensemble]

note: DJ is Andrew Craig

Would someone please supply the title of Charlebois' song. It is very familiar to
me but the name evades.

FM -> Yamaha RX-596 -> PCM M10 (24 bit, 96 khz)
PCM-M10 -> USB connection -> HD -> Soundforge (trim, edit, normalize) -> r8brain
(dither and downsample to 16/44.1) -> CDwave (track split) -> TLH (flac(8),
tested) -> TLH (torrent) -> DIME on 2012-07-01.
Happy Canada Day to all!

Support the various performers by purchasing their official releases and attending
tour performances.
Do not buy or sell this recording or in any material was profit from it.
Please pass on in lossless format only.