Kate Rusby The Lowry, Salford, UK 02-10-2005 New Source.

This is my recording from the Kate Rusby show at The Lowry in Salford, I had a spare Ticket for the second row just in front of the speaker stack…so I gave it to Derek (Tradewalker) he recorded the gig to… and he put it up on dime… so I waited three years before I have put my recording up here… hey… I’ve been busy!

Really lovely show with the usual suspects in the band (before they all fell out) There was LOT and LOTS of chat. Kate likes Manchester and talks a lot to the crowd and there is a lot of banter too!

This was recorded using my ‘Recording hat’ PZW mic’s sewn into the peak onto Sony Minidisk… great sound… check the samples.

Set List.

First Half
1. Chat and intos
2. Bold Riley
3. Chat
4. The Good Man
5. Chat
6. The Elfin Knight
7. Chat
8. You Belong to Me
9. Chat
10. Sir Eglamore
11. Long Chat
12. Jigs and reels
13. Chat
14. Botany Bay
15. Chat
16. Mary Blasé

Second Half
1. Chat
2. The Lark
3. Chat
4. Some Tyrant
5. Band Intos and recipe
6. The Cobblers daughter
7. Chat
8. Let me be
9. Chat about Jaffa Cakes
10. Fair The well
11. Chat
12. William and Davy
13. Chat
14. The Game of all fours
15. Chat about whistling
16. Canaan’s Land
17. Crowd
18. Chat
19. Underneath the Stars

Rig: PZW microphones in HAT onto Sony MZ-N707 Minidisk recorder, CDwave, Traders Little helper

Sound Quality is excellent. check out the samples