The Magic Bag; Ferndale, MI

Lineage : Trade > CDR > EAC > Creative Wave Studio > FLAC Frontend level 5
I had to join track 206 and a former 8" (audience) track 207 with Creative Wave Studio, in order to present a coherent track listing. Nothing has been removed.
Sound : probably soundboard, I rate it A.

101. National Steel
102. One More Song The Radio Won't Like
103. Summerlong *
104. Hockey Skates
105. 12 Bellevue
106. Maria
107. Sweet lil' duck *
108. Shinny

201. Copied Keys *
202. The Lone Wolf
203. Westby
204. Mercury
205. Money Talks [AC/DC]
206. Six O'Clock News
(audience faded out - encore applause are not on the recording)
207. Lazy Eye *
208. Changes [Black Sabbath]

Tracks * were listed on kathleenedwards.org and db.etree.org database as "unknown". Songs 103. 107 and 201 were only officially released two years later on "Back to me", so they were "unknown" in 2003. Song 207 was only released lately in 2008 as a bonus to the canadian version of cd "Asking for flowers"; I love this "Lazy Eye", for us in Europe, it's still unreleased today, so !
This recording is probably my favorite KE boot. Great job and a fantastic juicy rock show ! It's the end of my 4 "early Kathleen Edwards" uploads. I hope you enjoyed them !

With John Eddie
Photo from Austin shows on 2003-03-13 - photos and setlist from KE.org
Artwork and seeding on TTD by Feemagik

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