A Concert Dream: I Guess They Oughta' Name a Drink After You

01ke, Swimming Song, 2010-07-17t09, Amagansett, NY (Loudon Wainwright III)
02ke, September Girls, 2012-01-14, Toronto, ONT (Big Star)
03ke, Pills, 2008-11-24, Goteborg (Bo Diddley)
04ke, From Hank to Hendrix, 2010-08-03, Toronto, ONT (Neil Young)
05ke, Houses on the Hill, 2010-05-04, Toronto, ONT (Whiskeytown)
06ke, All Apologies, 2013-01-30, New York, NY (Nirvana)
07ke, I Guess They Oughta' Name a Drink After You, 2002-05-10, Ottawa, CAN (John Prine)
08ke, Help Me Make it Through the Night, 2010-04-27, Toronto, ONT (Kris Kristofferson)
09ke, Sister Goldenhair, 2010-07-17, Amagansett, NY (America)
10ke, Knot Comes Loose, 2010-08-03, Toronto, ONT (My Morning Jacket)
11ke, Changes, 2003-06-13, New York, NY (Black Sabbath)
12ke, When Will I be Loved, 2006-08-19, Lyons, CO (The Everly Brothers)
13ke, I'm on Fire, 2008-05-20, San Francisco, CA (Bruce Springsteen)
14ke, Bitter Beauty, 2010-08-03, Toronto, CAN (Jason Collet)
15ke, Money Talks, 2002-05-10 (AC/DC)
16ke, Somewhere Else, 2005-04-15, Liverpool, ENG (Jim Bryson)
17ke, Your Love, 2009-02-18, Boston, MA (The Outfield)
18ke, Feeling Yourself Disintegrate, 2011-08-28, Toronto, ONT (Flaming Lips)

The Players:
Kathleen Edwards - guitars, keyboards, violin, harmonica, percussion, vocals
Joel Anderson � drums
Caroline Brooks - vocals
Jim Bryson � keyboards, guitars, vocals
Colin Cripps � guitars, vocals
John Dinsmore � bass
Luke Doucette - guitars, vocals
Dave Draves - keyboards
Hannah Georgas � vocals
Aaron Goldstein - lap steel
Daniel Ledwell - keyboards, guitars, vocals
Kevin McCarragher � bass
Lyle Molzan � drums
Sue Passmore - vocals
Gord Tough � guitars

Kathleen Edwards is a master of the cover song. Between 2002 and 2012 she covered dozens of artists from Neil to AC/DC, John Prine to Tom T. Hall via Jeannie C. Riley. She has that reare ability to make someone else's song her own-just listen to the title song, her rendition of "Changes," the lovely "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate" and the fragile yet ultimately triumphant "Bitter Beauty."

After recording and touring behind her last album, Voyageur, KE was physically and emotionally exhausted (and maybe just sick of the whole fucking music biz thing) and simply quit. There are many who still carry a torch for her and her music, though. She was/is an authentic, genuine and supremely talented songwriter and performer. Indeed, by the time Voyageur was released, she was exploring new musical styles, song structure, and live performance configurations.

My wish for Kathleen is that she come off her extended hiatus from the stage and studio with a small East Coast solo tour this spring...maybe drag Jim Bryson along just for the hell of it. The songs would all be covers and the venues would be small bars.

So come on, Kathleen. Get out on the road this spring, drink some bourbon, play some covers and maybe try out a couple new ones (I just know you've been writing!). I've already put your setlist together! ;-)

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A word about compilations: This compilation is diguised as a concert. I put together these performances for my personal enjoyment, and share them for the same reason. All these recordings came from trades, DIME or The Trader�s Den and I urge you to seek out the original performances (they�re all available out there). Thank you so much to the original tapers, uploaders and all who share this great music (what we do here at DIME is a rare and precious thing). And, of course, thanks, Kathleen, you�re a gem and we miss you.

Thanks to the tapers, uploaders and all who share this great music.


"Live Music is Better"
January 2016


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