Kathleen Edwards and John Doe

November 15, 2008

Rio Theater,
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Beyerdynamic MC930 pair >> R-44 (Oade Concert mod) >> WAV (24/48)
mics: ~50' from stage, center seat, head height, DIN

Audacity: reduce applause, normalize, convert to 16 bit

01 Asking For Flowers
02 We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning
03 A Little More Time
04 Oil Man's War
05 Copied Keys
06 I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory
07 Run
08 Darling Underdog
09 The Six O'Clock News
10 The Meanest Man In The World
11 Far Away (From The North Country)
12 The Losing Kind
13 Burning House of Love
14 Pills
15 Lean Out Your Window
16 Mercury
17 The Golden State

18 Back To Me
19 Twin Brother
20 Are The Good Times Really Over (I Wish A Buck Was Still Silver)
21 When Will I Be Loved?

songs 04-07 = Kathleen Edwards solo
songs 10-13 = John Doe solo

John Doe: acoustic & electric guitar, vocals
Kathleen Edwards: acoustic & electric guitar, harmonica, violin, foot tamborine, vocals