Katrin Navessi
Porgy & Bess (Blue Bird Festival)
Vienna, Austria

Notes: seated venue with tables, 1st act (of 4) on 4th day (of 4) of the festival

Katrin Navessi - voc, git, harp
Stephan "Stoney" Steiner - violin, accordion, melodica

Source: Core Sound Binaurals (on chest under T-Shirt) > Battery Box w/o Bass-Roll-Off filter > Sony PCM-M10 (Mic-Sens: Low, 24/96) > WAV
Lineage: Sony PCM-M10 > USB > HD > Audacity (SBE save track split, reducing applause, amplification, fades) > WAV > r8brain (resampling to 16/44) > Flac(8) > foobar2000 (tags)

Location: ~5m from stage/stack, left

Taped and transfered by wzbw88
First uploaded 2017-07-29 to Dime by wzbw88 (justbulk<.>gmail.com)

Artist: http://www.katrinnavessi.net
Venue: http://www.porgy.at
Blue Bird Festival, Photos: http://www.songwriting.at

Enjoy this recording. Do not use for profit. Support the artists.

Filesize: 198 MB
Running time: 39:07


01. [3:02] Autumn Day(?)
02. [4:06]
03. [4:07] My Friend
04. [2:22] Contact
05. [6:14] The Tower
06. [3:29] My Man (Mistinguett/Barbara Streisand cover)
07. [4:44] She's Riding
08. [7:03] Eilise
09. [3:59] All The Things We Didn't Do

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