Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts
Jessica Lawson
Opening for Larkin Poe

The Basement, York, UK
19th July 2012

NOTE the Larkin Poe element of the show was uploaded on 23 December 2012 and removed from tracker on 13 January 2014. At the time someone requested the Kat & Jamie element but I forgot to do anything about it so if anyone is still interested here it is.

Larkin Poe were supported was from Jessica Lawson, followed by Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts. Both acts were excellent. This was a ridiculously good line up for only about �7 GBP. The Basement does not hold that many people (certainly not 100, probably more like 60-70 maximum)so it was a real treat. The girls had performed at a house concert in Barnsley the night before, hence the references to Hedley's crowd (Barnsley branch of the Larkin Poe fan club).

SP-CMC-2 >SP-SPSB-11 Battery box> Sony PCM10.micro SD card> BigDee>mastering (Harbal/Sound Forge/Wavelab)>.flac>Foobar for tags

Many thanks as usual to BigDee for doing the honours with the mastering of this recording

Jessica Lawson 18.13
1. Introduction (0.36)
2. County Sligo (3.03)
3. Chat (0.45)
4. Lorelai (3.15)
5. Song Intro (0.44)
6. Brother (3.21)
7. Chat (1.13)
8. Molly Of The Tyne (5.14)

Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts (31.30)
9. Introduction (0.28 includes 5 seconds inserted silence at start)
10. The Stealing Arm (4.32)
11. Seven Left For Dead (4.49)
12. Chat (1.34)
13. Silver Screen (4.08)
14. Song Intro (0.47)
15. Scarecrow (3.26)
16. Song Intro (1.29)
17. Louis Was A Boxer (4.23)
18. Chat (1.05)
19. Fleetwood Fair (4.48)

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