Keb Mo & Band
Scottish Rite Auditorium
Collingswood NJ
March 16, 2007

A Jerseyboy Recording

Church-Audio Cards>Ca St-9000 Pre-Amp@ -30Db>Edirol R-9@24/44.1>Sound Forge>Cd Architect>Eac>Flac

Disc 1

(1St Set Acoustic)
01. Victims Of Comfort ( Beginning Cut)
02. Closer
03. Everything I Need
04. Every Morning
05. Angelina
06. Eileen
07. Am I Wrong
08. One Friend
09. Life Is Beautiful
10. City Boy
11. A Better Man
(2Nd Set Electric)
12. Soon As I Get Paid
13. More Than One Home
14. Your Love
15. Remain Silent

Disc 2

01. Suitcase
02. The Itch
03. The Door
04. Gimme What You Got
05. (Band Conference)
06. Anyway
07. Whole Nutha Thing
08. Shave Yo Legs
09. Rita
10. Standing At The Station
11. She Just Wants To Dance (E)
12. God Trying To Get Your Attention (E)
13. Just Like You (E)

A Nasty Winter's Night In South Jersey And Keb Mo & His Band Deliver An Excellent Night Of Music!
Like The Dave Mason Show I Recently Posted This One Has Similar Sound Quality Thanks To The Church-Audio Cards
And A Great Seat. This Was My 1St Night With The Edirol R-09 So I Missed The Beginning Of The 1St Song.
During The 2Nd Song You'll Hear A Very Loud Usher Speaking To Some Late-Comers...But Other Than Those 2 Issues This One
Is Near Perfect.

As Always...Share An Enjoy! And Check Out Keb Mo's Cds & Shows...They're Lots Of Fun!