Keb' Mo'
October 16, 2009
Koerner Hall
Royal Conservatory of Music
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Runtime: 50:29

Broadcast: 'Canada Live' on CBC Radio Two
Digital Radio Broadcast: MPEG II, Layer 1 (256 kb/s, 48 kHz, stereo)
Recorded, edited and mastered at 48 kHz, downsampled to 44.1 kHz for CD audio

Keb' Mo' was born Kevin Moore in the Compton, California, area 58 years ago. His family came from the South and gave him an environment of blues and gospel. He started playing guitar when he was young but it wasn't until Keb' Mo' was in his thirties that he decided to make music his career choice. He was 43 when he got his self-titled debut released in 1994. He developed his own blues style -- sometimes Keb' Mo' has a relaxed approach, somewhat like James Taylor but other times he mixes in the grit and funk with socially conscious lyrics. Influenced heavily on country blues, multiple Grammy Award winner, Keb' Mo' offers his own unique interpretation of the genre. Aside from playing with many prominent musicians and releasing several albums, he has also been involved in acting in a number of independent films.

Keb' Mo' brought his soulful blues to Koerner Hall and Canada Live was there to capture the magic from this singer, songwriter and guitarist. Enjoy an evening with Keb' Mo' as he blends pop, rock, folk and jazz with Delta blues.

01 Stand Up and Be Strong (Kevin Moore) 3:49
02 Victims of Comfort (Kevin Moore, T. Kimber) 5:05
03 Hole in the Bucket (Kevin Moore, Lewis) 3:30
04 talk 1:13
05 Government Cheese (Kevin Moore) 3:54
06 Dangerous Mood (Kevin Moore, Candy Parton) 7:53
07 Angelina (G. Graper, Kevin Moore) 4:35
09 France (Kevin Moore) 3:24
10 talk 1:52
10 Soon as I Get Paid (Kevin Moore, J.L. Parker) 4:55
11 Better Man (Kevin Moore, Anders Osborne) 5:49
12 Just Like You (Kevin Moore, John Porter) 4:23

Kevin Moore (Keb' Mo') - vocals, guitar
Jeff Paris - mandolin, keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Les Falcolner - drums, vocals
Reggie McBride - bass, vocals

CBC Production Credits:
Cathy Irving - Producer
Doug Doctor - Recording Engineer
Chris Jackson - Mobile Engineer