So short but sweet. Here's the last time I had the priveledge of seeing Mr. Emerson perform live. This is my buddy Billy T's recording as he had a better rig than myself and I missed the first minute or show of the show on my recording. The Magness Arena is a concrete bowl and a terrible place to see concerts. Billy and I were both on the floor very close to the stage, but the recording sounds a bit echoey due to the concrete and the place less than half full for Keith's performance. I did also record the Scorps, not a great recording and not a priority for me to upload at this time. Sample included and more Keith on the way ....

**** 16 bit / 44 kz ****** (CD Version)
Keith Emerson Band
October 27, 2004 (2004-10-27)
Magness Arena
University of Denver
Denver, Colorado

01. [04:46] Hoedown
02. [03:28] Living Sin
03. [05:02] Bitches Crystal
04. [21:16] Tarkus
05. [08:09] Fanfare for the Common Man

Total time [42:41]

Keith Emerson: Keyboards
Dave Kilminster: Guitar, vocals
Pete Riley: Drums
Phil Williams: Bass

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