Keith Hallet and Garrett Mason
Salty Jam
Moosehead Light Tent
Saint John, New Brunswick, CANADA

Source: FOB CA-14 cardiods > Tascam DR07mkII (24/48) > SD Card > Audacity (normalize, dither 24 bit to 16 bit) > CDWAV for tracking > Traders Little Helper > FLAC (level 8)

1. instrumental
2. ?????
3. Sun Gonna Shine
4. ?????
5. banter - band intros / good to be here
6. On the Road Again
7. ?????
8. Mojo Boogie
9. ?????
10. That's Alright Mama
11. Good Morning Little School Girl
12. instrumental????

1st night of the Salty Jam 2012 music festival in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. 1st act of the 1st day of Salty Jam, and they stole the show. Great show, just over an hour, and exellent blues playing.

Vocals a tad low in the mix, but still very listenable, and represents the sound in the tent well!

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