Keith Jarrett solo
16 October 1974
Lisner Auditorium Washington, DC Speed Fixed and Cleaned !!!

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A great concert !!!

Keith Jarrett - piano

A Flambay - u014945 - production

Uploaded by u014945 July 11th 2014

Dime > Audacity (Noises cutting) > TLH ( SBE - Flac 8) > Dime

Sound Quality B/ B-

Music Quality : Excellent !!!

Thanks to Carville for the original upload

the 2 channels are not exactly the same - a lot of 'microphone noises ' were present only in one channel
so I could eliminate most of them copying one channel over the other (only here and there)
Plus I have cut dozens of clicks

I worked on it for 8 hours and I think it was worth the Trouble !!!

01 Improvisation 51:44
02 interview 00:49


original Notes Below:

Made from the master cassettes
total time 52:57
from "DC" our anonymous donor:

Keith Jarrett, Lisner Auditorium,
George Washington University, Washington DC,

October 16, 1974. Jarrett played a solo set before being followed by the Gary Burton Quintet.

From the master cassettes.
Recorded from about halfway back in the main center section of the auditorium,
using an inexpensive Panasonic mono recorder with ALC and cheap Ampex tapes.

The original tapes cannot be located.
This digital transfer was made from those tapes early in the 21st century.
At that time, EQ was used to remove the extreme bottom frequencies to eliminate rumble and the extreme high frequencies to reduce hiss.