Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette edited with partial sound improvement !!
Masonic Temple
San Francisco, CA
February 28, 1999

Uploaded By u014945 october 2 2012

Dime> Audacity(noises cleaning- applause vol reducing) > tlh (sbe - flac8) > dime
The Pitch is ok (Flambay Dixit)

**********Contrast Clause *******************************
This torrent is an improvement of the following:

below original notes by Jack Warner

Source: Stereo audience tape > ? > CD > EAC v. 1.0 beta 2 (extraction and FLAC encoding) > FLAC compression level 8
Extraction and encoding: Jack Warner (, July 25, 2011

***Note: My Funny Valentine actually played after Billie's Bounce. This material comes from a different audience source than the rest of the show***

Disc one
d1t01 <applause> 00:33
d1t02 Night And Day 12:26
d1t03 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 11:19
d1t04 Only the Lonely 05:50
d1t05 Hallucinations 09:00
d1t06 What Is This Thing Called Love 09:52
d1t07 Scrapple from the Apple 08:59
Total time: 57:29

Disc two
d2t01 Half Nelson 08:26
d2t02 Whisper Not 08:52
d2t03 When I Fall In Love 07:01
d2t04 Billie's Bounce 10:46
d2t05 Poinciana 9:15
d2t06 My Funny Valentine 10:17
Total time: 54:41

This time I have made just a bit of editing
some cleaning here and there - applause volume reducing
with the exception of My Funny Valentine that had many noises