1972-09-19 Keith Jarrett Solo Sound Cleaned

Keith Jarrett (p)

September 19th 1972,
Dramaten Theater, Stockholm, Sweden

At the end of August 2015 I have recorded (using Audacity) from SVERIGES WEB RADIO :


There were digital noises here and there
Now you have this great concert for you !!!

uploaded to Dime 2015 September by u014945

WEB > Audacity (noises cutting and volume adjusting) > TLH ( SBE - Flac 8) > dime

1 Solo Stockholm 1972 45:11
2 Solo Flute Encore 5:22

I have left the recording as it was webcast with complete applause.

at 31:40 Kj Starts what is known as the Bremen encore and the last solo (Tokyo 1984) Encore