1973, march 19 Keith Jarrett Solo Sound improved and Pitch fixed
Keith Jarrett (p,Fl)
1973, Bern, Switzerland

a Flambay - u014945 Production

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uploaded by u014945 september 29 2012

1. Set 1 not present here
2. Set 2 45:31
3 (Flute) Encore 06:34



This recording comes from 2 sources
an AUD and an FM

The FM source is a 24:20 recording that has circulated in the past among collectors (see my discography)

Last Year I have received an Audience tape of the second Set + an Encore

The quality of the recording is not the same of the Fm Source but a bit worse

Listening to it I discovered that the FM source was the second part of the second set

The task was to join the 2 recording with 2 different speed (Flambay made his work here)

The encore is composed by a 18" fragment with Flute + 6:16 piano solo

below his notes

The first Set is not available at the moment
I have waited for almost a year hoping to receive it and so to have a complete concert
but the collector who has it hasn't still succeeded in copying it from reel to cd-r




Flambay notes
First part is from the original version, speed corrected +20cts
Second part is from the broadcast source, speed corrected +200cts to

Transition from 1st to 2nd source (crossfade) is at 23:11,211 > 23:11,652.

I have also applied a phase offset fix (by advancing the left channel by 16
Originally both sources are sounding "too much from the right".
Now the music is back to the center.