1973-03-27 Keith Jarrett Solo

Keith Jarrett (p)
March 27th 1973, "Heilig Geist Spital",N�rnberg, Germany
1. Set I (55:06) [Fade-out Fade in at 22:20 some music missing]
2. Flute Encore (4:23)

a Flambay - U014945 Production

uploaded to Dime March 12th 2017
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This is a great great Set By Keith
The last 20 minutes are really wonderful !!!!

note from my discography:
I visited this concert, which took place at "Heilig Geist Spital" with a terrible instrument.
Jarrett was a little bit sick as he told. So he played only one longer part. The encore was played on flute.

The same thing happened at Koln !!!