1982 may, 23rd Keith Jarrett Solo (BR) sound greatly improved and pitch fixed

Keith Jarrett (p)
Universal Studios, Los Angeles, CA

1. Part I (45:19) 44:16
2. Speech (5:24)
3. Part II (34:20) 33:49
4. I Fall In Love Too Easily (4:18) [end missing]

11 los angeles 82 04

on the right timing after pitch correction and noises cutting !!! (the main time cutting comes from this second issue)

2 great sets of piano playing !!!

a Flambay - u014945 production

uploaded by u014945 april 25th 2013

flac files directly from web ( thanks to olivier Bruchez ) > Flambay for pitch correction >

audacity (tons of noises - surface noises) > TLH (SBE - Flac 8 ) > Dime

This Recording has a really heavy surface noise
I had to apply 2 audacity utility to reduce it :
'high pass filter'
and the 'noise reduction' utility

Trust me without them the sound is almost unlistenable to

As Los angeles 82 04 you'll find the encore in its original form