1982 11 06 Keith Jarrett Solo sound improved and Pitch Fixed (Flambay Goody)
Keith Jarrett (p,)

November 6th 1982, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK

Audio Quality B+

Concert Quality Very Good !!
in particular the final part of the second set and an Excellent Version of All The Things You Are

A Flambay/Goody U014945 Production

uploaded by U014945 April 29 2012

Thanks to Peter Losin For the original Recording

web > Audacity ( noises cutting ) > Tlh (SBE - Flac 8 ) > Dime

1 Applause + adjusting the bench 0:37 00:36
2 Set 1 41:06 40:34
3 Set 2 Part 1 beginning 09:55 9:47
4 Scolding the Audience (see notes below) 2:03 1:56
5 Set 2 Part 2 conclusion 17:20 17:07
6 Encore 1 4:20 4:17
7 All the Things You Are (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein) 7:40 7:34

TT 81:55 without track 4 79:59

On the right timings after pitch correction.


Highly recommended !!!

Burn (or listen to ) track 3 and 5 as a unique track !!
Leave track 4 as a document .

In the last 7 minutes of the second set KJ plays A la Bach (or maybe quotes something by Bach).

Note to track 4 :

The concert was interrupted because of someone taking photographs.

Comments from David: “It was a cold rainy Manchester evening, a sparse audience, some jaw dropping solos,
but the evening was sadly remembered mostly for an extremely insensitive photographer on the balcony
(during a particlarly sensitive section of a solo) blasting off a sequence of images on a motordrive,
and Keith just slamming his hands on the keyboard marching over to the man and saying,
‘Do you realise what it takes for me to build up to preparing for this piece of work and then to perform it?’
He then told him to get out of the theatre, which to his credit he did.”



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