Keith Jarrett
Royal Festival Hall, London
July 11, 1991 reseed

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tHIS is a stereo version of the following torrent
below my original notes :

reseed with Sound improvement !!!!

I have found a better version of Set 2
Set 2 had the last minute with lots of FM noises and ended with a Fade-out
So I didn' know if it was complete
Now I know that it was 99,99 % complete and now it is also 100 % with clean sound !!!!!!


Sound Slightly improved !!

************* Contrast Clause ****************************
tHIS is an improvemnt of the following torrent
Torrent #215269 Keith Jarrett - London - July 11, 1991 [FM]
Dime > Audacity (small FM noises removal - applause volume reducing) > tlh ( SBE - Flac 8) > Dime

1. Set I 37:21
2. Set II 27:31
3. Over the Rainbow 07:20
4. Blues 04:32
5. Applause 00:17

Solo piano

FM recording

What I did :

Set I
From 11' to 20'there where a lot of small FM (?) noises
one or 2 around 26-28 and 4-5 around 30' just before the "song" that ends the first set
I cut the Volume of the ending Applause

2 noisy point at 17 and 18' remains though !! (sigh)

Set II

I cut the beginning Applause (2 applause one after another are too many for me)

The 2 encores had no problems to be fixed just 1 click at 4:08 in Over the rainbow
Only the beginning of the Blues, to my ears, was a bit abrupt
There was a bit of silence then the very end of an applause and, immediately, the start of the track

In order to have a better listening experience I cut off the silence and add the applause
of Over the Rainbow to the beginning of the track.