921023 Keith Jarrett Solo Sound Improved Speed Fixed
Keith Jarrett (p)
October 23rd 1992, Philarmonie, Munich, Germany

A great Concert !!!

A Flambay U014945 Production

Uploaded March 06th 2013

Thanks to Bipolare for the original recording

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1. Part I (a) (8:06) 8:10
1a. Speech 'Now's the time ' (1:27) 1:28
2. Part I (b) (27:35) 27:49
3. Part II (21:33) 21:45
4. Applause, whistling, booing, and speech (5:25) 5:28
5. Encore I improvisation (7:09) 7:12
6. Over The Rainbow (5:01) 5:02

Track01 8:20 8:25

I am not too much satisfied with my work with Part I (A) So I have also included
Track01 that is Part I (a) without my cleaning
The coughing is so persistent (?!!) that kj stops playing
and starts one of his usual speechs about noises (this time he is absolutely right)

You can burn part I (a) and Part I (b) without the speech
you won't notice any interruption !!