771016 Keith Jarrett European Quartet Sound Improved - Flambay and Goody Pitch Fixed !!!
Jan Garbarek (ts, ss)
Keith Jarrett (p, perc)
Palle Danielsson (b)
Jon Christensen (dr)

October 16th 1977, Vienna, Austria

This concert was up on Dime several times
But never in a complete form or pitch fixed (at least Since I follow Dime)

Thanks to Olivier Bruchez nOW We have the Complete Concert

Lineage Flac files directly from web > Audacity(cough and bips cutting - volume adjusting - retracking)
> TLH (Flac - SBE) > Dime

A Goody -Flambay - U014945 Production

Uploaded by U014945 may 24 2013

My Tracks :

00. Warm-up 00:44
01. Track 1 13:08
02. Track 2 11:33
03. The Journey Home 15:36
04. Country 04:48
05. The Windup 13:21 (piano intro 6')
06. Mandala 11:46
10. Late Night Willie 14:59
11. My Song 06:05

TT 92:06

Sound Quality A-- / B


Music Quality very very Good !!



Goody's Notes :

I've found that to minimize the bad warble I roll down the treble knob on my receiver that my computer is plugged into.
Adding a bit of bass with the other knob gives it a fuller sound and helps out as well.
I wouldn't suggest doing any actual EQing of these files, though.
This is all something that is only a personal listening preference.
However, it might be a good idea to make this suggestion in your final text as well,
if you plan on sharing it online, leaving it up to the listener.