Keith Jarrett/Jan Garbarek Quartett


Hannover, Germany Funkhaus Studio 1

NDR Jazz Workshop, FM transmission

Keith Jarrett: piano
Jan Garbarek: sax
Palle Danielson: bass
Jon Christensen: drums

At the beginning on CD1, track 1 the radio announcer speaks about 2 special recordings ("2 besondere Aufnahmen"),
but here is only 1 recording (April 17th 1974). Maybe the 2nd show is transmitted later, directly after this.
Track listing is "as the radio announcer told us".
In the www I found also April 18th as the date for this concert, but you will hear the announcer speaking "17th April".

Got it as CD-R in a trade years ago> EAC->Traders Little Helper: Flac level 6

Announcement/ Spiral dance blossom
Give me your ribbons and I'll give you my bowes
Mandala 1

As long as you know