Keith Jarrett Quartet
December 7 1975
JFK Center Concert Hall
Washington DC
Made from the master cassettes

total time 79:41

1 quartet main set 73:13
2 KJ speaks 0:46
3 solo encore 5:41

Keith Jarrett - piano, flute and percussion
Dewey Redman - tenor saxophone, musette and percussion
Charlie Haden - bass
Paul Motian - drums and percussion

from "DC" our anonymous donor:
Keith Jarrett, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, and Paul Motian at the JFK Center Concert Hall, Washington DC, December 7, 1975. Recorded from too far back on a Yamaha portable cassette recording on cheap Capitol cassettes.

After playing a continous set that lasted more than 70 minutes, the quartet left to a thunderous ovation. Jarrett returned to tell the crowd that someone in charge had tried to limit the length of the encore. He then removed his watch from his wrist, set it prominently on the piano facing him, proceeded to play a solo encore that built steadily to a crashing climax, stopped at that moment, and walked off the stage--after putting his watch back on.