s U R V I V O R S ' S U I T E CONCERTS 1976

Fourth upload Willisau speed corrected and Cleaned !!

we have added the May 1st willisau concert because the first track was supposed to be
Survivors' suite Beginning

When Flambay listened to it he discovered that it was a version of Death and the Flower

At any rate since we had 2 sources of this concert (one from Olivier and one from myself)
we decided to prepare also this concert

this should be the first complete upload of this concert !!!

There are 3 SS concerts existing :

Milwaukee from feb 17 mono
Paris from may 07 stereo
Nurnberg from May 14 stereo

Willisau from May 01 Mono (without SS - see notes below)

There is also a broadcast from:

May 10th 1976, Tivoli Hall, Utrecht, Netherlands:
They played �The Survivors� Suite� and short parts from �Eyes of the Heart�.
It was recorded by Dutch radio and broadcast later on by Michiel de Ruyter

I don't know if a recording exists though.

Of course if anybody knows of it please let me know !!

A Flambay - u014945 production

thanks to Olivier for the original recordings

Uploaded to dime october 2013 by u014945


American Quartet (BR) (di)
Dewey Redman (ts, musette, per) Keith Jarrett (p, fl, sop, osi dr, perc) Charlie Haden (b) Paul Motian (dr, perc)
May 1st 1976, Hotel Mohren, Willisau, Switzerland

1. Death and The Flower > (32:10)
2. Inflight (18:02)
3. Rose Petals (11:06)
4. Shades Of Jazz > (16:57) [beginning missing]
5. Piano solo >(6:19)
6. Everything That Lives Laments >(21:37) [cut at 5:59]
7. Mysteries (19:19) [end missing]
8. Yaqui Indian Folk Song 04:45

TT 130:28

sound B
the sound is a little boomy here and there

At 16:36 in Mysteries someone shouts : 'Right now - First solo' with a clear deutsch accent
At 00:27 in Yaqui KJ or someone from the band says ' we don't test your english tonight '



On separate file the complete tracklist of the 4 concerts upload (with a review of the official release)

Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

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