Keith Jarrett american Quartet
May 13, 1976 (8 items; TT = 95:49)
Unknown venue, Bern
Source/Quality: aud (B)


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Sound qUALITY b+

Uploaded by u014945 may 20th 2012
Thanks to Peter Losin for Original Recording

Dewey Redman (ts, musette, perc);
Keith Jarrett (p, ss, perc);
Charlie Haden (b);
Paul Motian (d, perc)

1 Mysteries > 23:49
2 Rotation > 19:35
3 Piano solo 3:44
4 Announcement 0:26
5 Flame (or similar improvisation piece-Musette solo) > 9:04
6 Everything That Lives Laments (K. Jarrett) 18:12 Splice at 9:50
16 Everything That Lives Laments mix (K. Jarrett) 18:12 the splice has been cut

7 Diatribe (beginning trunc) > 12:46
8 Yaqui Indian Folk Song (K. Jarrett) 8:08

Notes by Flambay:

No pitch correction necessary.
Tracks 01-02-06 are also known from the Mysteries album,
perhaps Track 05 too (these non-piano improvisation pieces are always hard
to tell apart)

07 Diatribe is also known from the Shades album.

Notes By Myself:

I had to clean only some noises at the beginning of Mysteries and the Piano solo
Plus some other small problem here and there
The main problem was Yaqui indian folk song that had a continuous click from 0:00 to 5:30 (more or less)
I had to remove all noises with a long and boring cleaning work

There are 2 versions of track 6 :
the former with fade-out fade-in at 9:50 where there is a splice
The latter with the splice cut