Keith jarrett European Quartet
Stuttgart 1976 september,18

Keith Jarrett
Jan Garbarek
Palle Danielsson
Jon Christiansen

Sound quality: A / A-

Music Quality : European Quartet - nothing else to be said !!!
Source: Radio Broadcast > Flac files > wav->Audacity (volume adjustment - some noise removal - )>Flac 8

Frances Musiques broadcast.
"Song of the Heart" is a new version of Sun Bear's Kyoto Part I.
There is some confusion about the date.
It could be September 18, 1976, even though the FM speakers say it is dated 1977 (oct 20)
(Song of the Heart intro may confirm that).

Since i don't have radio intro to Song of the heart Notes above come from the following discography:

first set

1.Song Of The Heart (piano solo intro ) > (18:46)
2.The Heart Path > (4:56)
3.Spiral Dance > (4:11)
4.The Windup > (9:08)
5.Blossom > (12:59)
6.The Longer Man (7:16)
TT 57:20

Second set

7.Mandala (08:54)
8 radio intro + appl (00:47)
9.Long As You Know You Are Living Yours (2:50) end truncated with radio announcement
10 Track09 > 06:47 Beg. incomplete
11 Track10 > 07:37
12 Track11 07:23
TT 34:22

the first set is played continuously

in Track 8 it is said that " Long As You Know You Are Living Yours " is the last track of the Concert
I don't know if it this meant that that was the last track of the concert or the last track of the concert to be brodcast
In fact I received 3 additional tracks - tracks 10 to 12
the 3 tracks are played continuously and are 3 versions of the same tune - it's a trio version without sax
The first one begins truncated - the other 2 are complete

So maybe they come from the same concert - in fact we have a very short set 2 -