Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette

Carnegie Hall
New York City, NY, USA

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this torrent is an improvement in sound of the following torrent:
Torrent #316038 Keith Jarrett Standards Trio - 2010-06-17, Carnegie
> Hall, New York, NY [AUD]

Set 1/Disc 1:
1. It Could Happen To You (12:39)
2. My Funny Valentine (10:46)
3. When Will The Blues Leave (6:46)
4. Answer Me, My Love (7:42)
5. Sandu (5:26)

TT: 43:31

Set 2/Disc 2:
1. Someday My Prince Will Come (7:47)
2. Autumn Leaves (8:15)
3. Ballad Of The Sad Young Men (Fran Landesman, Thomas J. Wolf, Jr.) (8:17)
4. Last Night, When We Were Young (6:26)

5. Once Upon A Time (Lee Adams, Charles Strouse) (8:44)
6. God Bless The Child (15:04)
7a intro to (00:49)
7b I Thought About You (7:59)

TT: 63:38

Dime > Audacity (Normalization !! , applause volume reduction, noises cutting, microphone(?) noises reduced as much as possible )
> tlh (SBE- Flac 8) > Dime

Since this concert came as a single channel mono recording I thought it useful to duplicate the channel since
1-channel mono files cannot be SB aligned, as opposed to 2-channel and more easily burnable to CD-R.

As for the constant Click - after Normalization I can't hear it anymore - with the only exception of God bless the Child -
Very small noises here and there are still listenable - but are very few


the following notes are from the original seeder :


Sound Quality: B- (Please see notes!)
Source: Audience Recording

Lineage: SanDisk Sansa 4GB -> Audacity (Fade in-out, click removal, volume, dynamic range decompressor) -> TLH (Flac, torrent) -> DIME

***NOTES: This recording happened quite unplanned.

I had left my recording device at home but before the concert I realized that my SanDisk Sansa 4GB can record! Not sure what the quality would be like,
I nevertheless decided to record - as a souvenir for myself. To my surprise, the recording came out quite acceptable.
However, there are a few blemishes: 1) There's a constant click, albeit low and sometimes it disappears, running through all tracks -
most likely due to limitations of my recorder. The music is listenable, though, and it's not always noticable
2) The first 3-4 minutes of "It Could Happen To You" are a little weird: sometimes clipping, pops, etc.
I tried to reduce it when editing but this is probably, again, due to my recorder adjusting in the beginning and then it settles.
Expect to hear hisses and random noises throughout the recording. Also, I've edited most applauses in the beginning and end (fade in-outs)
but there are still applauses for solos that can be quite loud.
If anyone is interested in doing a better audio edit, please contact me for source files (.wav).

Do not ever sell or convert to mp3! Support the artist - buy CD's and attend concerts.