Keith Jarrett trio
12th,june 1972, Arri Kino, Munich, Germany Sound cleaned and Pitch fixed

A Flambay-Subterranean-Rob -U014945 Production

Uploaded By u01495 june 15th 2015

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THanks to Sonator for the original Audience Recording

Keith Jarret (Piano ,Soprano . Flute)
Charlie haden (Bass)
Paul Motian (drums)

Set 1 stereo sound Quality A

0 DJ
intro (00:47)
1 Church Dreams (7:03) (6:58)
2 The Mourning Of A Star (14:05)
3 Follow The Crooked Path (3:19) (piano solo)
4 Coral (7:34)
5 Piece For Ornette (5:01) sax
6 Remorse (7:45) sax fl
7 Rainbow (4:46)


set 2 Mono (From mid track9) Sound Quality b - b- (a bit annoying surface noise)

8 Flute tune & bass flageoletts - no title (1:56)
9 The Magician in You (8:56)
10 Everything that Lives Laments (5:58) (piano solo intro)
11 Starbright (4:54)
12 Take Me Back (5:52)
13 Unidentified soprano piece (5:14)
14 El Juicio (10:51)
15 Expectation 6:07 (end is missing)


we have 2 sources here
the first set boradcast by Nordwestradio
Globale Dorfmusik Live - 2011-09-30

and other times around
and an Audience tape that I have received these days with an almost complete concert.

The Broadcast has the first Set complete plus the first 5' of the second .

I have added 2 alternate versions of Church dreams :
the original broadcast one
the audience version
I my 'master version' I have corrected the volumes in order to let the music flow better considering what happened on stage :

I remember that in the first Tune "Church Dreams" Keith stopped playing after the theme, walked along the wall.
Haden's bass sounded very low, unamplified. After a while Jarrett liftet the power cable. The bass amp was unplugged.
You hear the audience laughing and applauding at about 2:12 playing time of track 1 in my record.

The first 3'19 of 'The Magician in you' are from the Broadcast, the rest from the Audience tape.