Keith Jarrett Trio performing at The Village Vanguard, NYC
September 8, 1983, 2nd set

Keith Jarrett - Steinway grand piano
Gary Peacock - bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums

A great set from the Trio !!
Flambay Pitch Fixed

Sound Quality A !!

Audacity (ticks and coughs removal ) > TLH (SBE - Flac 8) > Dime
uploaded by u014945 december 27 2011

notes from the taper:
Master cassette recording with Sony Walkman Pro WM-D6 > minimal EQ > digitized 44.1KHz, 16-bit to CD > EAC conversion to FLAC

The Keith Jarrett Trio performed at The Village Vanguard for about two weeks in September 1983.
This was a superb concert featuring the now-classic jazz trio.
I was fortunate to see them perform twice.
I taped the first show with my Sony Walkman Pro and I am very pleased with the recording quality.
The Village Vanguard is a very small basement club on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, it is about as intimate a venue as it gets.
I don't remember that the trio was even on a stage - I think they set up right on the floor.
This I remember because when I went to see them for the second time I arrived extremely early and I was the first to be let in.
I sat with a friend at a table that was directly next to Keith Jarrett, no more than five feet away.
I was able to watch his hands fly, and listen to his emphatic groaning, without anyone blocking my view!

Except for the 16 minute finale "God Bless The Child" I am not sure the names of the songs.
But the trio really shows off their talents with incredible performing and improvisations.
The second song features a Jack DeJohnette drum solo, and the third song features Gary Peacock soloing on the bass.

This is a rare recording and I am happy to finally share this!

December, 2011


Speed corrected by: flambay

flac > wav > Soundforge 9: speed correction (+20cts) > flac TLH lvl8 w/SBA
01 Ballad of the sad young man 10:01
02 You and the night and the music 12:14
03 title 9:48
04 Old folks 8:17
05 title 7:25
06 title 9:32
07 God bless the child 15:49