Keith Jarrett Trio

7th of July, 2013

Umbria Jazz Festival
Arena Giuliana
Perugia, Italy

Keith Jarrett, piano
Gary Peacock, bass
Jack DeJohnette. drums

Taped by sammyd.
Collected and Passed along by Maurizio/u014945.
Edited by flambay.

Audience recording, A-/B+
with minor digital flaws (skips, pops)

No lineage info, sorry.
mp3 samples in comments section.


00 Intro (in italian) [5:31]
01 On Green Dolphin Street [11:34]
02 Yesterdays [8:43]
03 When Will The Blues Leave [5:38]
04 I�m Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life [8:06]
05 Is It Really The Same [10:42]
06 In Your Own Sweet Way [11:57]
07 Bye Bye Blackbird [9:50]
08 Things Ain't What They Used To Be [9:04]
09 Answer Me My Love [5:01]
10 Blues (title ?) [10:38]

Total time (incl. Track 00) 96:43 min

Total time (without Track 00) 91:12 min

Thanks to the recording person (sammyd)
for contributing this excellent sounding show.
Thanks to Maurizio for passing along these files.

Seeded to DIME by flambay (on behalf of u014945) in August 2013

Enjoy !!