Keith Richards
Label: ANGEL DUST 001
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Toronto, Canada, Sounds Interchange Recording Studios,
12th & 13th March 1977.

The majority of this disc is piano and vocals only. This really is fantastic stuff, some of the most poignant blues songs ever recorded by a rock-n-roller. Most of these songs were recorded during Keith's drug bust in Canada in 1977. He was in a desperate state because it looked like he was going to spend time in prison. The sessions started the night before the sentencing on March 12, 1977.

01 Worried life blues (version one)
02 Sing me back home (version one)
03 She still comes around
04 Apartment number nine (version one)
05 Sing me back home (version two)
06 Worried life blues (version two)
07 Worried life blues (version two)
08 Say itís not you

Artwork is included.