Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos
Beacon Theater
New York, New York
February 19, 1993

Aplay DAT Master Series 007 / Geetarz 232-233


Disc 1:
How I Wish
Wicked as it Seems
Gimme Shelter
Runnin' Too Deep
Locked Away
Time is On My Side
Will But You Won't
Words of Wonder
Hate it When You Leave
Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2:
Band Introductions of the "Expensive Winos"
Whip it Up
I Could Have Stood You Up
Take it So Hard

Geetarz Comments:

Here's another gem from Aplay's infamous "Box o' DATs", Keef and the Winos ripping it up at NYC's famed Beacon Theater.

What a great, greasy, funky ensemble this group was, and nicely captured here by Aplay and his Lucky Taping Shirt.


Orchestra Right Center; Row Q, Seat 24

Sonic DSM-6 Mics > Sony D7 (Sonic Preamp MOD2) > DAT Master > Tascam DA-20MkII > SoundForge 9.0e (trims, fades) > CDWav 1.93.3 (Tracking) > FLAC 8

No EQ, compression, normalization, or any other action was performed on the source audio.

No digital bits were harmed during the production of this upload!

Recording is compliments of Aplay; all thanks should go to him. CD Mastering / notes by Geetarz.

Enjoy and ... PLAY IT LOUD!

~Geetarz, July 2010