Recorded on a hand-held cassette using Maxell chrome tape by
my sister-in-law at the time (rest in peace Coleen) for me
because I turned myself in for a jail stint the day before and couldn't make the show. I was hard pressed on that one. Found out later I wouldn't have gotten much trouble if I'd waited a day (as if anyone cared, sorry)

Recorded in the back of the auditorium, balcony, 1st level.
Pretty good recording all-in-all in my opinion. One can most
likely EQ it to how you like it. It's kind of a wall of sound
as far a separation goes but the feel is there for sure.

FYI: Same room Led Zeppelin opened for Spirit and Vanilla Fudge
for their U.S. debut, which I attended.

They've since tore it down and built it back, now it's known
as the Convention Center.

I made artwork but for the show and it's on a disc somewhere.
I've just spent the last 8 hrs. searching for the art with no luck and I don't have a scanner so can't use my original at this
point, apologies.
So, included are two shots from 3 days earlier.

01 Something Else
02 How I Wish
03 Wicked As It Seems
04 Gimme Shelter
05 999
06 Time Is On My Side
07 Will But You Won't
08 Hate It When You Leave
09 Before They Make Me Run