Keith Secola And Grassroots Songwriters Circle
5th Annual Virginia Key Grassroots Festival Of Music And Dance
Meadow Stage
Miami FL
2016-02-21 Sunday
74'F 62%RH

Source: (1) Busman BSCS-L > R-44 (24/41)
(2) SBD > R-44 (24/41)
Location: FOB sweet spot
Transfer: Audacity > CD Wave > TLH
Monitors: Charles Jones
Soundman: Jordan Puryear
Taped and matrixed by capnhook

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Frybread %
d1t03 My Dolphin $
d1t04 As Good As This +
d1t05 Gypsy Cowgirl #
d1t06 -stage banter-
d1t07 Golden Bear @
d1t08 Take Care Of Me &
d1t09 -stage banter-
d1t10 How Can I Love You <
d1t11 -conduits-
d1t12 Kokopelli Blues %
d1t13 Bread And Roses (debut) $
d1t14 -stage banter-
d1t15 Place All My Bets +
d1t16 -connections-
d1t17 Technopoly #
d1t18 -100 degrees different-
d1t19 Cold Cold Ground @
d1t20 Let's Keep It Simple <
d1t21 -song titles-
d1t22 The Hard Way &
d1t23 Reckless Love (debut) %

d2t01 Must Be The Moon $
d2t02 Sure As +
d2t03 -song intro-
d2t04 Seahorses In The City #
d2t05 -tuning-
d2t06 Baghdad's Children @
d2t07 Oh My Broken Heart &
d2t08 -song intro-
d2t09 Do Right <
d2t10 Wild Javelinas %
d2t11 -thanks-

Never For Sale.
Please support artists that allow taping by buying merchandise & attending shows.

& - Elaine Atwell - guitar, vocal
+ - Amy Puryear - guitar, vocal
# - Leah Alonzo - guitar, vocal
% - Keith Secola - guitar, vocal
$ - Greg Humphreys - guitar, vocal
@ - Richie Stearns - banjo, vocal
< - Molly Farr - guitar, vocal

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