March 20, 1997
The Band on the Wall Club
Manchester, UK

recorded March 20, 1997
broadcast March 24, 1997

One Concert -
two very different improvising bands led by pianist Keith Tippett

Mujician - a 4 piece
Tapestry - a 21 piece band

The date that came with this tape was
"recorded March 15, 1997 - broadcast March 24, 1997"

However, the announcer says,
"this was recorded last Thursday night"
Thursday was March 20.
If we assume the broadcast date is correct (it's easier to know when you
recorded it)
we'll put the recording date as the previous Thursday, March 20

01 Intro 2:47
02 Mujician - Gathering 45:47
03 Keith Interviewed 20:48
04 intro to First Weaving 0:46
04 Tapestry - First Weaving 73:06
05 Band Intros and DJ Outro 0:44

TOTAL TIME 2:23:58
TOTAL TIME 143 minutes, 58 seconds

If you want to burn this to 2 CDs, split it after track 03

Mujician is
Keith Tippett - piano
Paul Rogers - double bass
Paul Dunmall - saxophone
Tony Levin - drums

Tapestry is
Keith Tippett - piano
Marc Charig - trumpet
Jim Dvorak - trumpet
Pino ?? - trumpet
Skip (Gethin) Liddington - trumpet
Dave Amis - trombone
Paul Rutherford - trombone
Malcolm Griffiths - trombone
Oren Marshall - tuba
Lee Goodall - saxophone
Elton Dean - saxophone
Gianluigi Trovesi - saxophone
Simon Picard - saxophone
Larry Stabbins - saxophone
Paul Dunmall - saxophone and North Umbrian Pipes
Julie Tippett - vocals
Maggie Nichols - vocals
Vivien Ellis - vocals
Paul Rogers - double bass
Louis Moholo - drums
Tony Levin - drums

I got this cassette from a great trader in England shortly after it was
Unfortunately, this trader lost his entire collection (which was very
extensive). A tragic loss, and a real shame the way it happened.

1st gen copy from his master
You do hear some FM whine (squeal, or whatever) in the quieter and interview
This tape has a VERY low volume level, and naturally, a higher than desirable
level of tape hiss.
Since these songs are long the requisite tape flips (3 of them) mean we lose a
You will hear a skip at about the 45, 90, and 135 minute mark.
Hopefully they won't be too annoying.
Besides splicing these sections together I have done nothing to this recording.

off air radio > master cassette > my cassette > digitized with Audacity > Flac
via xAct > you

A raw transfer.
No noise reduction or eq was applied.
Tape player (Nakamichi BX-2) azimuth adjustment was done.

I offer what I have, with ALL the information known to me.
If you've got a better version, seed it.
If you have more accurate information, please add it in a comment.
If anyone would like to attempt a remastering job, go right ahead.

Let's try and keep it positive and make DIME as good an experience for all as