Keith Tippett (TomP remaster)
St. George's, Bristol UK
February 1st, 2001

Source: BBC FM > Philips 570 CR recorder
Corrected phase inversion
Corrected FM phase offset
Cross-mixed channels (99:1 ratio)
Corrected lots of volume and balance variations

Contrast clause:
This is a remaster of my own FM recording direct to CDR
Another FM source is also running here:

Quality: A+

I posted this in 2006 and prompted by the alternate recent FM post by PsyKies, located the files and
remastered them. I thin they came out really well.

TomP post on Dime, June 2012

Set List:
01 - Linuckea (32.15)
Keith Tippett piano, David Le Page violin, Chris George violin, Malcolm Allison viola,
Philip Sheppard cello

02 - Dufay Collective (07.14)
Paul Bevan - trumpet, recorder, psaltery, percussion; Giles Lewin - vielle, rebec, shawm,
bagpipes; William Lyons flutes, bagpipes, shawm, simfony; Peter Skuce harp, percussion;
Vivien Ellis voice; Susanna Pell - Vielle

03 - Dartington Trio (33.19) (REMOVED) *
Julie Tippetts voice, Keith Tippett piano, Paul Dunmall saxes, clarinet, pipes

* Issued on "The Dartington Trio" FMR CD133