Festival Nancy Jazz Pulsations
Nancy, France - Unknown venue
Sunday, October 12, 1975

Mongezi Feza, trumpet
Elton Dean, alto sax
Trevor Watts, alto sax
Evan Parker, tenor sax
Alan Skidmore, tenor sax
Nick Evans, trombone
Harry Miller, double bass
John Marshall, drums
Louis Moholo, drums
Frank Perry, percussion
Robert Wyatt, percussion
Keith Tippett, piano
Julie Driscoll Tippett, vocals

Full lineup unknown (53 musicians)

04. Septober Energy, extrait 30:19
05. Radio outro 01:32

32' 51"

Note: On the same day (October 12) Chris McGregor and Brotherhood of Breath also played in Nancy (Full concert 166' 23")

Lineage: DVB-S radio broadcast by 'Jazz vivant' Radio France, on May 16, 1976 (re-broadcast on Feb 13, 2020) > DVB-S MPEG-1 layer 2 - 256 kbps, 48000 Hz Stereo > DAT Sony ZA5ES > Toslink cable > Pioneer PDR-05 > CDr > Flac 8

Quality: A