Keller & The Keels
Asheville Music Jamboree
Deerfield’s, Mills River, NC


Source: KM184's(din)>V3>722 (24/48)
Location: fob>dfc>50'from stage 9'high
Transfer: 722>cd Wave>wavelab(resample/fades)>flac
Taped & Seeded by Jamie Scott

1-) Hello Ladies & Gentlemen (pres. of USA)
2-) Dancing Fool (Zappa)
3-) Steep Grades/Sharp Curves (JA, YMSB)
4-) Crater in the Backyard
5-) Wind Cries Mary...Larry (Hendrix)
6-) Woodstock (AM Jam)* (J. Mitchell) [Larry changes guitar to help eliminate speaker pop]
7-) Year 2003 minus 25 (Kristopherson)
8-) Kiss (Prince)
9-) Local
10-) Culpepper Woodchuck
11-) Bath of Fire/? (pres. of USA)
12-) Fiddle out of Tune> Good Hearted Woman (Waylon & Willie)
13-) Mountains of the Moon (Hunter, Garcia)
14-) What the world needs now
15-) Cinnamon Girls (Steven Lynch)
16-) Thanks...Band Intros
17-) Mary Jane's Last>
18-) Breakdown (T. Petty)
19-) Crowd/Banter
20-) E: Goof Balls

*"Woodstock" was replaced by "AM Jam" and there was a reference to Bob Roberts, AM Jam Coordinator/Organizer.
In the beginning of the set the speakers pop due to an audio
issue with the PA.

ffp:keller & keels

KWK5-25-2008 d1t1.flac:04b17e34104f93946f01505660395f86
KWK5-25-2008 d1t2.flac:6c5095ff8de9fe9cfa9f6a86333f1ad4
KWK5-25-2008 d1t3.flac:b84a2b51268b45a64c8938b9198f7eea
KWK5-25-2008 d1t4.flac:073d1ba15e7b7a065f9592d282d01c83
KWK5-25-2008 d1t5.flac:7c393bab3024ad5775cb5bb6f188f00e
KWK5-25-2008 d1t6.flac:d78361e09c227e90062179b0ebcbb608
KWK5-25-2008 d1t7.flac:0c71146b32339d51c8223c2db2d62332
KWK5-25-2008 d1t8.flac:44d827bb51883b719d581dea53527989
KWK5-25-2008 d1t9.flac:3b09231994378dd28f5c50a79adf10f5
KWK5-25-2008 d1t10.flac:714cc2d5524ae810a5c38c54837317b5
KWK5-25-2008 d2t1.flac:e3810ec437bb42f9fd56a216d53c935a
KWK5-25-2008 d2t2.flac:acc4fcae38a172a7c390792f805ffaa6
KWK5-25-2008 d2t3.flac:ff1c2f665027d0f04b8fcfb96025a031
KWK5-25-2008 d2t4.flac:5420e65f2b4f20c65fcef641225d8e2a
KWK5-25-2008 d2t5.flac:9ab0d7af3081c048cc6857323ff14b2e
KWK5-25-2008 d2t6.flac:d80d112c8da7f8d9b7671ca013649f5d
KWK5-25-2008 d2t7.flac:9a9fcfc1540098738295524b322a9d7e
KWK5-25-2008 d2t8.flac:45b2a7c151ded52ba1233db4c0b3fe56
KWK5-25-2008 d2t9.flac:12cf079ec87e874c05054ddb698b5600
KWK5-25-2008 d2t10.flac:ffc2980e8f3949dd0e28c77149f8147a