Keller Williams
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
San Francisco, CA

Source: AT853 w/batt box -> TCD-D8
Transfer: TCD-D8 -> Wiretap Pro -> Audacity -> Flac
Taped and transferred by: Todd Fleisher

01. //Lithium !
02. People Watchin @
03. Celebrate Your Youth
04. Pepper
05. Novelty Song > Loop
06. Zilla A Trois
07. Dogs
08. Theramin Loop
09. Doobie In My Pocket

I missed Freaker & the standard good afternoon everybody welcome while getting setup.

The recording quality leaves much to be desired. Aside from it being my first recording with my own mics, I was setup in a bad location and picked up a lot of surrounding crowd noise. The Blue Angels were also doing their aerial show during the performance and can be heard flying overhead several times.

! - w/Bela Fleck
@ - w/Victor Wooten