Keller Williams
Pine Mountain Amphitheater
Flagstaff, AZ


Source:KM184's(din)>V3>722 (24/48)
location: @ SBD> 8'High, right side of SBD
Transfer: 722>cd Wave>wavelab(resample/fades)>flac
Taped & Seeded by Jamie Scott
Setlist by Kelli Scott

Disc 1:

1-) Rockumal*
2-) Reinheart*
3-) Thin Mint*
4-) Lost Lonesome Angel*
5-) People Watching
6-) Plush
7-) ? "Trying to Get a Record Deal" (w/ Dave)
8-) Doobie
9-) Play This (w/ Adam)
10-) Moondance>
11-) Bass Jam>
12-) Moondance

Disc 2:

1-) Novelty Song (w/ Ben)
2-) Celebrate Your Youth (Jeff comes out @ end)
3-) Loose Lucy (w/ Jeff)
4-) St. Steven
5-) Good Bye Drum Beat

* With Gibb Droll

***Special thanks to C.Fox for use of V3.***


KW08-7-30 d1t1.flac:03769a82dab5df73b49e6e4d89f2fbf3
KW08-7-30 d1t2.flac:91a3a70134eeb00fd8749aaa7dd280af
KW08-7-30 d1t3.flac:21d7d9185458e9f554dfe4d9195b8a49
KW08-7-30 d1t4.flac:564b02a316b592ca09eb19de646e2574
KW08-7-30 d1t5.flac:183ecd2b04d52df0822acf10f318dc62
KW08-7-30 d1t6.flac:5478a75692a09f4f3ae4886d54b17ba6
KW08-7-30 d1t7.flac:71dc84dd7d2c0af330b4742218ff9f4d
KW08-7-30 d1t8.flac:2949dde9e8d74bdd4f7d1c67a4ae834b
KW08-7-30 d1t9.flac:980e3cd81be06d5d309bf4db23a08760
KW08-7-30 d1t10.flac:8a8ead95553151c69ca1d408a63bea7f
KW08-7-30 d1t11.flac:2a245d19cfe97797deed02bde2fd6945
KW08-7-30 d1t12.flac:876f7da5dd125f74cf6dc7bb70af8760
KW08-7-30 d2t1.flac:a5fc2678d40936fdd167b0307727e6e5
KW08-7-30 d2t2.flac:f55bc359e1c0e95382f482fcbecf8da8
KW08-7-30 d2t3.flac:bd5c50239b877dddeaa87e4ccd1e4f00
KW08-7-30 d2t4.flac:8f1a6fbf8075059d4b3143f94e5d63f7
KW08-7-30 d2t5.flac:7a38d1cebe4ce0b39d6d4782a9d19f6d