Keller Williams
Fredericksburg Field House
Fredericksburg, VA

Kid's Matinee Concert
Benefit for the Cobblestone Children's Museum of Fredericksburg

Superlux SMK-H8K/H > KindKables Black Stealths > Busman T-Mod FR2LE > .wav (24bit/48kHz)
Minor Edits (Fades, DC Offset Removal) via WaveLab
Tracking via CDWave > Flac Level 8
Recording & Post by rowjimmy (

01. Mama Tooted*
02. Taking a Bath
03. Grandma's Feather Bed
04. Car Seat
05. Neighbor is Happy Again
06. Soakie Von Soakerman
07. Because I Said So**
08. Party in the USA
09. Horseback Rider
10. Keep it on the Paper
11. Hey Little Baby
12. Lucy Lawcy
13. Freeker by the Speaker*
14. Hulahoop To Da Loop^
15. When the Saints Go Marching In^^

* with confetti cannons
** with balloon drop
^ With hula-hoopers on stage
^^ Outro Horn Parade w/Scott Sunn on sax, Keller on trombone, & Lou on trumpet